What’s Got An Advisor To Do Today With Intelligence

Intelligence and Wealth Management in London at Global WealthTech Summit

One the defining moments in Wealth Management for 2018 was the Global Wealthtech Summit in London. The question for our Business Development Director, David Wilson, was simple; and yet not trivial.

What new skills are requested to an advisor to effectively face client who demand intelligence to their wealth management firm?

David stood firm and gave a short yet insightful answer. Think about the current merging of wealth management and financial planning, seen from the advisor, due to the requests from clients. And think about what is on everyone’s desktop, bag, pocket in terms of network-enabling technology.

Intelligence at Work

So, advisors are subject to a two-pronged pressure, one about their work skills, another about demands for tech that is an enabler to apply more intelligence to their job.

You’d better look at David’s answer in the following video.

David did more than answering a question. He delivered the Next Digital Advisory speech and participated in the Overcoming Regulatory Challenges & Identifying New Opportunities panel. Moreover, he explained us something about Wealth Management and resistance to change. Not yet satisfied, he showed where firms are in the race to Industry 4.0.

Not bad as a performance, for a single event, huh?

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