Wealth Management: Where Digital Meets & Needs Human

When speaking of Wealth management and digitalization, it’s almost inevitable to touch the roboadvisory topic. Algorithms, artificial intelligence, automation… and it’s easy to forget the importance of the human element in the chain.

Fortunately there are events like the 2018 Financial Centres Summit in Dublin, a gathering of finance experts where our Business Development Director David Wilson could deliver a speech with the title Personalising Digital Advice: Digital Meets & Needs Human.

Wealth Management and the Role of Real Advisors

David’s speech showed the excellence of Objectway technology and, also, the ways it can effectively empower the advisor today. Wealth management market is growing and, for sure, there are spaces in the emergent affluent segment where digital advisory will take the lion’s share. However the upper segments don’t seek a roboadvisor: people ask for being able to get the best support. How fundamental is the role of the human advisor, here, can’t be stressed enough.

We took note of the tweets covering David’s speech, so you can get the idea and appreciate technology at its best: when performance is optimized, the client is happy, and the human advisor shines.

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