We Provide Life Insurance Policy Management Tools, Too

Life planning

We have some interesting products even if they are not always in the spotlight. For instance, insurance and life planning solutions, a well-known field in which we can announce news about interaction and user experience.

Our Life Insurance engine is a prime example of a product that provides advanced analysis and reporting functionalities to several firms with years of experience, such as Inchiaro Life.

The Life Planning Lifecycle

Not all our competitors can offer everything that our solution does; a solution that is able to manage large volumes of policies as well as being capable of providing all data and operational functionality required to manage the whole policy lifecycle.

Calculation of net asset value, special operations, death, accidents, redemption simulations, tax management, calculation of commissions, trailer fees… the list is comprehensive. Virtually every aspect of policy management is covered by the rich functionality.

Life Insurance Planning for Everyone

Our engine is used by big and small banks, private bankers and firms of any size, to manage policies worth whatever amount. Because of this, user experience has become increasingly relevant over the years; even if the sector is pretty stable, we have proactively refreshed the user interface, maintaining its responsiveness and making it capable of seamlessly working on any device.

This is a very practical restyling, that underlines our commitment towards a product created ten years ago.

The Irish Boom

One of the most successful implementations of Life Insurance is Inchiaro Life, which operates in Ireland, like several other companies in the same sector, and sometimes makes people question its geographical setting.

In summary, between 2007 and 2010 Irish law made it particularly advantageous to incorporate companies that receive tax benefits if they reinvest their profits. Inchiaro Life and other such firms are acting perfectly legally and, moreover, these firms act as withholding agents, so that the redemption of the policies is taxed according to Italian law.

More Than Meets the Eye. But the Eye Counts

Life Insurance is robust and comprehensive; its main strength is certainly the feature list. Few if any other products are so comprehensive.


However, one key detail we have never stopped caring about and improving is reporting: every item of policy-related data that may be required is provided, inside a first-class user interface, polished in every detail. So we can emphatically state that we continue to work to improve Life Insurance, and are have every confidence in its future.

We also wrote an Italian version of this post.

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