We Make the Best Wealth Management System

Best Wealth Management System Award for Objectway and WealthTech Suite at the Systems in the City Awards

We’re confident in our products, but it’s truly exciting when we receive positive feedback from others: we won the Systems In The City Award 2019 for the Best Wealth Management System.

Last July 12th, at the gorgeous Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London, our WealthTech Suite was the best wealth management system overall and received the Clearstream Award. Here is a quote from our founder and CEO, Luigi Marciano:

This award follows a series of acknowledgements both by industry analysts and clients. This testifies how Objectway WealthTech Suite is increasingly gaining traction in the Wealth and Investment Management industry as the new generation digital platform of choice to respond to the challenges and increasing complexity facing this sector, by enabling you to reach new customers and greater revenue growth.

A Video to Celebrate our Best Management System Award

This is our sixth Systems in the City award and, to celebrate, our Director David Wilson was interviewed by the famous English business broadcaster Michael Wilson. We are delighted to show you the video. You will hear about easing the onboarding process, augmenting advisors’ work with artificial intelligence, virtual meetings, younger generations entering the wealth management market and much more.

It’s been a great opportunity to showcase Objectway as a leader in software for wealth and asset management institutions and we’re thrilled with the outcome.. Enjoy David’s video!

Thanks to Goodacre UK that managed the Awards!

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