TreeTop: A not Totally Unexpected Digital Journey

TreeTop and Their Digital Journey made by Objectway

If Peter Schramme’s speech Voices from the Market… and what does it whisper? wasn’t enough to appreciate the mood of the Affluent and Private Banking Summit 2018 in Paris, we’ve got another treat.

Julien Palissot, Project Manager at TreeTop, in fact took the stage and shared it with Kurt Vanhee, Objectway Director Professional & Customer Services, to deliver the speech Client Oriented Solutions for TreeTop’s Digital Journey.

Acceleration, Digitalization, Regulation

TreeTop had a need to accelerate its digital platform and look for support of MiFID II, suitability questionnaire and checks, with online real-time reporting. Thanks to the capabilities of Objectway software like eXimius and Conectus, we did it and liked it too.

If you missed the Summit, we gathered the relevant tweets for Kurt’s speech. They give a significant glimpse about how we can work along the client’s requests, and deliver. Enjoy!

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