Time to Celebrate, Remember, and Wishing You the Best

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone,

I’m Luigi Marciano, Founder and CEO.

It’s been an extraordinary year for Objectway. Our results are excellent, our strategy is paying off, we have new exciting products and our development is running at full steam.

We’re happy for our business and now it’s the right time to give attention to people around us—be them colleagues, partners, children, family, friends.

Let’s celebrate together with the people we care more for; let’s remember those we cannot reach because of distance or illness; let’s have a moment of joy and peace to be thankful and wait for a new year to come.

Have a joyous Christmas and enter the 2017 with energy and ambition! We will make the next year even better than this one, inside and outside Objectway.

Thanks everyone and greetings from myself and all the team,


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