The version of eXimius Portfolio Manager 5.9.0 is now live

Objectway is delighted to announce the new version of eXimius Portfolio Manager.  In the following post you will find more about the new modules and feature within this version.

New module

Client Level Rebalancing

Managing investments over different portfolios with a single mandate can be a challenge. As only the consolidation of the portfolios gives the actual risk, asset allocation, etc. On that level the investment decisions take place. With client level rebalancing this hurdle is removed. Specific rules and algorithms are developed which allow a user to manage several portfolios as one via one target (model). A flexible rule engine does the complex calculation in allocating the orders to underlying accounts.

New features

Cash Ladder

When restructuring portfolios, the challenge of cash management arises when dealing with different settlement periods and/or different trade executions.
Thanks to a new feature this can now be managed before the orders hit the execution venues. Also, within the new rebalancing module an optimiser for cash ladder has been introduced. This capability handles and prevents cash balances via build in rules.

Real Time monitoring

Proactive managing required adequate monitoring of the investment portfolio. Thanks to the compliance framework eXimius is able to validate a wide range of rules which are coming from client restrictions, company guidelines or investment committees. The rules are now continuously validated on all portfolios and any breach is reported in real time. This is available in a new Alert Dashboard which allows to monitor portfolio under direct and / or indirect management of the user.

Health Check

Portfolios can have many metrics such as Performance & Cost. Aligned to these KPI’s, the portfolio needs to be measured from a compliance perspective. Compliance rules are defined at client, firm or mandate level. With the real time monitoring capability introduced in 5.9.0 it is possible to utilise and combine these measures and derive a time weighted health check score.
This gives immediate visibility of outliers to users. The Health Check new feature delivers pro-active real time monitoring of the portfolios. A significant value add feature.

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