Technology, On Its Own, Is Nothing

Technology speaking in Paris at Efma Affluent and Private Banking Summit

When it comes to technology, please let’s introduce you our Chief Business Developer Officer, Peter Schramme. He’s energetic, witty, always to the point and delightfully opinionated. To hear him is way more interesting than just read his words.

Around half June, Peter took the stage at the EFMA Affluent and Private Banking Summit in Paris, to deliver his speech The Voice of the Market… and what does it whisper?

At the end of the event, he was kind enough to let us ask him some more question, like this:

Speaking of digital transformation, what is the main weakness of the typical Wealth Management firm today?

His first answer is here and it contains some good tidbit about the actual role of technology in transforming the business. Technology, yes, is worthless, per se. There is something more to be said, of course, about both technology and firms that don’t get its true value. Go Peter!

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