Talking Change, Re-engineering, and Roboadvice in Johannesburg

Roboadvice: Objectway Desk in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is becoming the capital of Fintech in the Austral hemisphere! Lots of events, buzz, interest, and thriving companies.

We know because of our office there and because of our excellent people, like Marteen Boddeüs, Objectway’s Director South Africa, who took the stage during the recent Wealth Management-Private Banking Conference.

Advice for Wealth Managers. Well, roboadvice

Maarten’s speech was named Wealth Management in the digital era – How digital will drive change in the client/advisor relationship and sent several messages we feel adequate to the market, starting from the necessity of re-engineering Wealth Management business models around the new connected customer, an emerging figure that not every WM firm still can cope with.

Plus, one bit of advice for Wealth Managers: prepare to embrace roboadvice. Your customers know better than you think.

Have a look at what Marteen said, in our storyfied summary here below!

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