Stories of Disruption and Automation in Wealth Management

Disruption Looms Over Thames River

Can seem strange, but it’s a matter of fact that the Wealth Management industry is one of the less digitalised. Banks are starting to feel the disruption coming from the young fintech startups, but change is still slow and many firms are actually falling behind the curve.

Solutions? Nothing simple: an effective platform and a sound engagement strategy don’t develop overnight.

Disruption, Roboadvisory, Engagement

Our Peter Schramme had the chance to muse about the situation during last Securities Industry Conference made up in London by Goodacre.

Peter talked about the six disruptions forces operating in the market, the true attitude of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) towards roboadvisory (something Wealth Advisors should think about) and how a successful engagement strategy is going to fit the needs of customers through a omni-channel, omni-device approach.

Want to read more? Begin by delving into Peter’s storified speech, here below.

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