Stay Ahead of the Game when Doing Digital in Wealth Management

Stay Ahead of the Game at Fishmonger's Hall in London for Wealthtech 2019 by ComPeer Uk with Alberto Cuccu as Master of Ceremonies

There isn’t a week that goes by without a conference organised somewhere. Still, there’s something special about ComPeer WealthTech. The people, the networking, the atmosphere, everything brought together to make up a great chance to meet and learn from the major exponents of the wealth management industry.

We had a great time at WealthTech 2019, thanks also to Alberto Cuccu, CEO of Objectway Limited, who was the Master of Ceremonies during the afternoon.

A Game of Opposites

The introduction given by Alberto considered the dilemmas that most firms face today when confronted with the digital challenge: a good way to start the conference on The Truth About Digital (Breaking: no one gets it, as of today). Does digital mean disruption, or opportunity for growing your business? Is artificial intelligence a threat to companies and individual jobs or an unexpected companion to make the customer journey as enjoyable as ever before?

Whatever your opinion is, it’s rather obvious that the digital transformation topic can be relevant in so many ways to a wealth management firm today, but never ignored. Maybe the winning approach is cautious and hybrid, with a partial digitalisation or someone may decide to go all-in, taking a greater risk and all opportunities..

Stay Ahead of the Game

One thing is for certain, though, when you advance your digital strategy, you have to embrace change and stay ahead of the game. Nothing is worse than trying to innovate and doing it with outdated or obsoleted tools, technologies or systems.  Digital thrives when it can exploit the continuous progress made in the technology and there are precise steps for a firm to take to get the true benefit of such transformation.

Alberto said these things much better and in fact he entertained the audience in the most convincing and enlightening way, but the facts remain: the lesson for the day is to stay ahead of the game.

Thanks to Alberto, thanks to ComPeer and see you next WealthTech!


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