Someone Likes Bitcoin so Much to Want Two of It

Two Bitcoin networks

We started in the last weeks to give you a primer (also in Italian language) about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency par excellence. We wrote about its extreme volatility and its entering an European stock exchange, but couldn’t imagine that the currency would have dramatically split.

Exactly: the Bitcoin community branched around an argument about blockchain size (on which speed and costs of transactions depend) and whoever owned some Bitcoin, now owns the same amount of Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash—the new fork.

The cryptographic keys that ensure integrity and security of the original Bitcoin are exactly the same. But now two different and separate Bitcoin networks in fact exist.

Nobody can say today what will happen in the next Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash future. To play safe, please have a read to Why the Bitcoin network just split in half and why it matters, from Ars Technica. It’s an excellent, comprehensive yet very readable article that should clear any doubt you can have.

While we’re writing, the original Bitcoin preserved its value, while Bitcoin Cash is about one quarter worth. Tomorrow it could be vastly different. You looked for volatility? Well, you can double down on it, now.

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