Software at Objectway: Thinking 2020, Now

At OWIN 2018 in Rome, our CTO Lorenzo Pagnin talked about the direction of software development at Objectway, where work goes on today like it is 2020!

Lorenzo spoke of the three factors moving technology ahead: new business, time-to-market delivery, and operational readiness.

From the balance among these traction forces, the landscape of technologies used at Objectway comes out. The company is working along three main vectors (plus one).

  • Vertical components, to follow specific needs for business innovation.
  • Architectural baseline, to support innovation time-to-market.
  • Operational readiness, to ensure robustness and performance on growing volumes of business.
  • Plus, innovation bricks, to consolidate elements of innovation that are common to the different business innovations.

Trust Software, Trust Future

Our technology needs to be robust and, at the same time, ready to embrace innovation as well as guarantee to be operational ready. This has been our work during 2017, that meant the adoption of technologies in the form we detailed in the list above.

Our work in the last year bodes well for the future and made us rewrite an old IT tenet, that hope in the technological future sprang from trust in the past. Now we say trust in the future is based on hope given by a robust present.

Time to Plan for Time-To-Market

One last take from Lorenzo’s speech: during any technology paradigm jump, there’s a moment when time-to-market (for business and innovation) takes priority, even on consolidation, and opens opportunities to all players that want to catch them; however, later comes a time when you continue to innovate on time-to-market, but with a robust foundation underneath.

It’s what happened at the birth of the web, the arrival of Java, of Service Architecture, cloud, microservices and, today, it’s the same with innovation bricks like Blockchain or artificial intelligence). 2017 and 2018 are for Objectway years for a parallel rush to innovation and time-to-market on one side, and operation-ready technologies and paradigms on the other side.

Here below, a video excerpt from Lorenzo’s speech. Enjoy!

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