Robo Planning (and Other) Stories

If you missed OWIN18, read about it and our taking digital to the core. If you were there instead, you’d likely hit the Robo Planning demo corner. It was more than that; actually it was the completion of some intertwined and elaborate stories. Today we want to offer a glimpse of some of them.

Thousands of simulations

You know that MiFID II compliance is bringing more costs and duties to companies; you know too that in this moment firms see their margins shrinking and try hard to use digital to reduce costs.

Robo Planning helps financial institutions to create and manage effective commercial campaigns, that can show/manage/monitor profits for the firm and offer good value to clients… if MiFID II constraints are honored, if the proposal matches the client’s risk profile well, if personal data are protected, whatever the scenario and the financial conditions, and so on.

We had the idea to automate the making of the proposal and, always automatically, achieve MiFID II compliance. But the most innovative feature is that the product enables simulating different solutions good for various typologies of clients, where many banks and institutions are used to go very slowly, often by hand. We could make reality of one of the usual digital promises.

Sheets of Solution

An analyst in Objectway was tasked with the precise goal to make a product out of the concept, and the journey was well worth the reward. Such a complex product needed focus on many features and concentration on every component, in a situation of multiple components to be managed.

The core of Robo Planning analysis was written inside one Excel sheets. The sheets soon became a dozen, and then more than forty, full of notes, unanswered questions, branches to be chosen, doubts. We had the product, with a twist: OWIN18 was looming on the horizon and we needed a demo. Fast. Plus, someone that demonstrated the thing to clients. So, the analyst was tasked to stay at the Robo-Planning booth; something so different than working at a desk on a project developing inside the brain.

Two Different Front-Ends

One of the most intense side stories we could tell, would tell those front-end heroes that took several dozens of quite dense Excel sheets and came out with a captivating and crystal-clear professional-looking (and behaving) product demo in a very short time.

The other stories sees our analyst to take place among clients and become, for that day, an excellent presenter and support for those who were interested in knowing the product. A role that, for a technician, requires a heavy rewiring of attitude and personal habits.

So we had the birth of a new product, a strong personal and professional growth of the people involved and a lot of efforts and fun throughout the journey. Robo Planning is coming as a great solution for many reasons—some of them not necessarily commercial.

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