Real Answers for a Virtual Future: Peter Schramme at London Breakfast Briefing

We got another video from the recent ComPeer Breakfast Briefing, held in London on May 10th with the title Wealth Management at the digital frontier.

We asked Peter Schramme, Chief Business Developer Officer for Objectway, to answer some questions after his speech Leveraging a Digital Wealth Management platform to improve advisor-client relationship.

(We’ve already got a first video from Peter at the Breakfast Briefing).

Here’s the second question for Peter:

What about emerging technology like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? Do you see them as potential features for the wealth management platforms of tomorrow?

As usual, the video answer by Peter is here below to be seen!

P.S.: Don’t miss our videos with Nikolai Lysiuk, special guest during the Breakfast Briefing: Digitalization is (also a matter of scale, (dis)Advantages of Brexit for UK Wealth Management firms, Digitalization and data transparency (or lack of), and A (post-) Breakfast Briefing.

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