Readings for Relaxing and Refocusing: Spiros Margaris on Fintech Helping the World

Readings for Relaxing and Recharging: Spiros Margaris

This August is a perfect time for a vacation, or at least slacking off a little from the usual business. Meanwhile, it’s time to get prepared for the next business season, too.

So we selected some good opportunity to both relax and refocus, through the words of great fintech and wealth management influencers.

For instance, Spiros Margaris, acclaimed guest speaker at our International Customer Conference in Rome this year. In this TEDx speech, How Fintech can positively impact the world, Spiros looks at the future of the banking world, where several startups are pressing incumbent bankers with a new kind of attention to customers. Customers of any kind, even the ones usually neglected.

Have a look, this is good food for thought. And have a good vacation time, too!

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