Readings for Relaxing and Refocusing: Chris Skinner Looks at Challenger Banks

Chris Skinner on Challenger Banks at OWIN16 in Amsterdam

This August is a really good time for a vacation, or at least slacking off a little from the daily routine. It’s time to get prepared for the next business season, too.

So we selected some good opportunity to both relax and refocus, through the words of great fintech and wealth management influencers.

Take Chris Skinner, for instance, who delivered an applauded speech as guest speaker at our second International Customer Conference, in Amsterdam. On his blog, in the post titled Some challenger banks are challenging, Chris delves deep in the topic of challenger banks, that are becoming a big trend in UK and seem poised to spread all over Europe in a short time.

According to FinTech Global, challenger banks have raised over $2.4 billion in capital since 2014. Atom Bank raised $207.1 million of venture funding from BBVA and Toscafund Asset Management in Q1 2018, the largest single investment in a Challenger Bank to date. Since inception, Atom Bank has raised over $500 million and has lent out more than $1.5 billion. In fact, the UK boasts some of the most well-funded Challenger Banks with Atom Bank, Starling Bank, OakNorth, Monzo, Tandem Bank and Revolut all having raised over $1 billion combined.

Challenger banks are something really new on the scene and, as Chris points out in a following post, some of them are not banks at all, yet represent competition and a disruption force difficult to ignore.

This could be a glimpse in the next future of banking in the fintech era. Have a look, don’t forget to relax, and stay with us for good readings and information!

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