Re-engineer your business model around the connected customer and unlock your growth

Wealth and investment management is all about relationships and service.

This means being able to collaborate and share information anytime, anywhere, overcoming the traditional limits of physical encounters.

Today’s investors are different: they are clients who needs access to advisors on their own terms, at a time and through the channels with which they are most comfortable. This client expects leading edge technology when dealing with their financial institution and advisor.

To rise to the challenge of engaging the digitally-minded, firms need to re-engineer their business models around the connected customer. It is not enough to give clients paper-based reporting and an on-line access to their investment portfolio. Advisors and firms should engage in processes and collaborate with clients to improve service and client experience.

With that in mind we developed Conectus, the best answer to the demands of today’s increasingly digital investors.

Conectus is the omnichannel, omni-device user experience platform designed specifically for wealth and investment management with the following main capabilities:

  • enables high-speed interaction between clients and firm through advanced digital engagement and collaboration tools;
  • provides hybrid service models to define client’s goals, simulate investment scenarios and collaborate with advisors;
  • delivers a self-directed investment toolset that matches the best e-commerce experience;
  • supports the firm in analysing customers’ real time behaviour and following them through social media semantic monitoring.

Conectus meets the expectations of your connected clients and your company delivering a superior digital wealth experience: the essential ingredient to be competitive and to support your long-term business growth.

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