Quality of Service Is Key. Technologies To Improve It Are…

Quality of Service discussed at the Affluent and Private Banking Summit event in Paris with Peter Schramme

After the last EFMA Affluent and Private Banking Summit event in Paris, we had a chance to talk about weaknesses of typical Wealth Management firms today with Peter Schramme, Chief Business Developer Officer for Objectway.

That day Peter delivered a speech titled The Voice of the Market… and what does it whisper? in which he highlighted blips on the radar… things to ponder about technology and the sector, things that could become BIG.

So, we tried to push him a little over the usual prudential boundary with this question:

Big Data, BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality… if you were to bet on two of these advancements, which would they be?

Peter shifted the answer towards a more generic topic of Quality of Service but, almost unexpectedly, he gave us a pretty direct answer at the end. And, surprise, Quality of Service was the core of his reasoning.

Have a look at this video; one second beyond three minutes, that are well worth the effort.

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