A Perception Gap Between Wealth Managers and Consumers


Here we are with a final video from our recent South African Breakfast Briefing, Wealth Management for the Digital Era. The performing stars were Andrew Wilson, Partner Financial Services Technology at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and our David Wilson, both with a really interesting speech and the kindness to answer some additional questions at the end of the event.

We could ask Andrew about being managers in the digital era of wealth management and Similarities between Uber and banks.

David was instead asked about a matter of balance for wealth management platforms and the most disrupting factor in wealth management when it comes to digital.

But, we had one last inquiry for him:

One of the subjects you addressed was the perception gap between the wealth managers of today and consumers of today: what is that perception gap and what does it tell us?

You can look at David’s answer at the bottom ot this page.

A warm thank you to the Wilsons for their collaboration and having given us a really exciting Breakfast Briefing. See you soon!

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