A Lovely, Intense, and Interesting Winter Breakfast Briefing

Breakfast Briefing approaching winter in Johannesburg

As odd as it may seem, we approached winter in a morning of mid-June. In the lovely Johannesburg, where a Breakfast Briefing took place under the title Wealth Management in the Digital Era – Bridging the gap between robo & human advice. Continue reading “A Lovely, Intense, and Interesting Winter Breakfast Briefing”

A (post-) Breakfast Briefing with Nikolai Lysiuk

Breakfast Briefing about digitalization and wealth management in London

We’ve got yet another video snippet from Nikolai Lysiuk, senior data analyst for ComPeer, who was so kind to taking time to answer our questions at the end of the Breakfast Briefing held last May by ComPeer in London, about digitalization and wealth management. Continue reading “A (post-) Breakfast Briefing with Nikolai Lysiuk”