More Life Companion Than Financial Planning

Financial Planning Means a Serendipitous Life

It’s true: our financial planning is different. This is not a product endorsement, even if I’m referring to our Personal Financial Planning platform; rather, it’s a philosophy that move us through design, development, and delivery of the product. Could be any other product, because it’s the underlining philosophy that counts. Continue reading “More Life Companion Than Financial Planning”

Collaboration is the Way to Be Ready for the Future

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Once upon a time there was a mystical figure called Webmaster. This kind of guy could bring to life a website all by himself. This was a lot of time ago, when a bunch of static pages could be a great product on the web. That was the era of The Internet 1996 world exposition or The Million Dollar Homepage. Yes, they still work, go for a ride on the time machine. Continue reading “Collaboration is the Way to Be Ready for the Future”

Da Conectus a Yellow Advice via Salone del Risparmio (e LinkedIn)

Salone del Risparmio 2016

Bella esperienza, il Salone del Risparmio 2016, e fruttuosa collaborazione con CheBanca! nella realizzazione del suo nuovo Yellow Advice, che si basa sui servizi forniti dai nostri Conectus e Advice. Continue reading “Da Conectus a Yellow Advice via Salone del Risparmio (e LinkedIn)”