L’importanza di un portafoglio ottimizzato

Una delle aree in cui la digitalizzazione può essere d’aiuto nel Wealth Management è l’ottimizzazione del portafoglio: un campo nel quale tanto gli algoritmi quanto la User Experience sono determinanti per supportare al meglio il cliente. Continue reading “L’importanza di un portafoglio ottimizzato”

Conversational User Interfaces: A Brief History of UIs

The very first generation of user interfaces was based on character-based text: symbols entered in computer consoles, through punch card readers and teletype terminals. The DOS or UNIX command line was a technical evolution that did not change the fundamental concept of the user interface. Users had to have a good knowledge of the precise syntax to use and to execute any command. We’ll call this first generation UI, terminal-typing interface. Continue reading “Conversational User Interfaces: A Brief History of UIs”

Pillar After Pillar for a Pan-European Wealth Management

In the quest to rapidly generate revenue Wealth Management firms require three “magical” pillars that, together, simplify and accelerate operations for both firms and customers: Digital Contract Management (DCM), electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature (eIDAS) with qualified eSignature, and eIDAS with Public Digital Identity System (SPID). Continue reading “Pillar After Pillar for a Pan-European Wealth Management”

Making Onboarding Flexible and Generating (More) Revenue

Onboarding is the first step of a worthy relationship with clients, yet it’s still a complex and scarcely integrated process for many firms: there’s still paperwork made by hand, CRM is often unaware of what is happening, sometimes information doesn’t flow well through departments, and much more. Continue reading “Making Onboarding Flexible and Generating (More) Revenue”

IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve

What-If Analysis, computer, investments

The IDD directive regulates the distribution of both life and damage insurance products, for which the regulation indicates a set of ad hoc rules, in line with MiFID II. We are glad to say that we made an effort to get our relevant products, for instance Sure and Advice, to be fully IDD compliant. Continue reading “IDD Compliant: To Protect and Serve”