Technology, On Its Own, Is Nothing

Technology speaking in Paris at Efma Affluent and Private Banking Summit

When it comes to technology, please let’s introduce you our Chief Business Developer Officer, Peter Schramme. He’s energetic, witty, always to the point and delightfully opinionated. To hear him is way more interesting than just read his words. Continue reading “Technology, On Its Own, Is Nothing”

Breakfast in Johannesburg, Change in Wealth Management

Breakfast Briefing in Sandton, Johannesburg, with David Wilson

Breakfast Briefings are the house speciality for our South African branch, and last edition was no exception! The main theme was Adapting to a rapidly changing Wealth Management business to ensure tomorrow’s growth and our local Director, David Wilson, opened with the speech Global Trends in Wealth Advisory: Going beyond Robo: Digitalisation can meet the human needs but also needs the human factor. Continue reading “Breakfast in Johannesburg, Change in Wealth Management”

How Millennials and Baby Boomers Visit TreeTop

Do Millennials and Baby Boomers behave differently on TreeTop website?

The Affluent and Private Banking Summit 2018 in Paris was a great opportunity to share the stage with TreeTop, that has recently decided to use our solutions Conectus and eXimius to accelerate its business while making it even more reliable and compliant. Continue reading “How Millennials and Baby Boomers Visit TreeTop”

Robo Planning (and Other) Stories

If you missed OWIN18, read about it and our taking digital to the core. If you were there instead, you’d likely hit the Robo Planning demo corner. It was more than that; actually it was the completion of some intertwined and elaborate stories. Today we want to offer a glimpse of some of them. Continue reading “Robo Planning (and Other) Stories”