Stairway to Digital Heaven: When Transformation Crosses Platform

Digital Banking Platform as Launch Platforms: Atlantis Shuttle

We well know how digital is driving the whole business world towards a radical transformation; much less obvious is the fact that not all the businesses need to be such radical in their evolution. Today we want to explain the different attitudes a company may have versus digital transformation, especially a bank. And why a digital banking platform may become a critical factor in this process. Continue reading “Stairway to Digital Heaven: When Transformation Crosses Platform”

How Much Close Are You To Industry 4.0?

Talking About Industry 4.0 at Global WealthTech Summit in London

David Wilson, our Business Development Director, was particularly inspired at recent Global Wealthtech Summit in London. You could tell from his Next Digital Advisory speech and during the Overcoming Regulatory Challenges & Identifying New Opportunities panel. Continue reading “How Much Close Are You To Industry 4.0?”

Resistance to Change and Global WealthTech Summit

Last Global Wealthtech Summit in London was another successful edition of a mandatory event for everyone having an interest in fintech, due to excellent speakers and great opportunities to meet peers, pundits, clients, and experts. Continue reading “Resistance to Change and Global WealthTech Summit”

Il giorno dell’ottimizzazione

Ed è arrivato giovedì 29 novembre, giorno dell’ufficializzazione della nostra nuova soluzione di ottimizzazione del portafoglio e nata in virtù di una partnership con Greta Associati, network di professionisti dell’econometria finanziaria. Continue reading “Il giorno dell’ottimizzazione”