OWIN18: Enough Disruption Talk, Let’s Get Real

Disruption in Rome #OWIN18

Which disruption directions will be the next to impact on the market?

#OWIN18, the Objectway Customer Conference for this year, is coming and our main speakers are flexing their communication muscles: March in Rome will be as enchanting to see as exciting to live, while talking about what Objectway and the Fintech world expect to happen from here to next year!

We asked Peter Schramme, Chief Business Development Officer, that question about disruption and he suggested to weaken the word a little, because every new thing that pops up is called disruption today.

Instead of disruption

Then, he proposed an interesting topic for wealth management and fintech to discuss during #OWIN18, because is going to be a big thing and nobody has got all the answers about it yet.

It is… well, just hear Peter in the video below; he’s crystal clear and ultimative, as we love it!

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