OWIN18: The Artificial That’s Going to Naturally Happen

Artificial Intelligence at OWIN18 in Rome

It’s a time of dramatic change in the wealth management sector; fintech is becoming more and more prominent, and digital technologies are raising the bar of competitiveness for firms, advisors, and platforms.

There are powerful disruption forces at work; big data is becoming more and more a differentiating factor, if well used; and another advanced technology is looking to deeply transform the interaction between wealth management firms and the clients.

What technology is (hint: artificiality at work) and what its implications are is the topic of the following video by Peter Schramme, Chief Business Development Officer at Objectway. We asked Peter to present some of the hottest topics we’re going to discuss at OWIN18 and he kindly obliged.

Discover what Peter is talking about, here below. OWIN18 will be an exciting moment for wealth management software technology!

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