Our Journey, Our Business

Looking at the new Objectway logo

We had a successful International Customer Conference in London last year and, yet, it pales in comparison with what we just achieved at the Conservatorium, in Amsterdam, during the second edition of Objectway IN.


The Conservatorium


A Journey Made of Talks, and People Talking

In Amsterdam we could also take advantage of the gorgeous location to give even more talks than in London.

A Journey Into Objectway Business

More talks, yes; and more products, too. We unveiled significant new solutions like Optimo and Sure, broadening our offering. The moment was perfect to reach the best possible audience.

Partners, and Business

Our CEO Luigi Marciano presented a very good outlook for Objectway: growth, financial health, acquisitions, revenue… every indicator is positive regarding your business. But such a day as the International Customer Conference cannot be just self-referenced; market insight is critical, as are the macrotrends around us. That’s the reason we chose this day to present the final results of the Efma-Objectway survey, also.

Journey, Survey

We had the privilege to host big names of the FinTech community, like Stephen Wall (AITE Group) and the talented Chris Skinner, who gave a very appreciated speech “from ten miles above”, enlightening and even touching in some moments.

A Journey inside the Conservatorium

What about our clients? They weren’t just attendees but took the stage, to tell their experience with Objectway products and solutions. Everyone could hear nice people from Azimut Holding, CheBanca!, Investec, Rabobank talking about the Objectway experience and how our products helped them growing and transforming their business.

So Much Transformation Through Our Journey

We are successful because of our people and our technologies, and also because we are well poised to capture the essence of the market today: there is a digital transformation ongoing and radical shifting so in the demographics as in the habits of people, when coming to wealth management: omnichannel is the new normal, digital is the obvious; companies must rethink their way of planning, developing, supporting. Must be fluid, agile, energetic as ever.

A Journey Through Stairs

Objectway realized this and years of working this direction are paying off. We wished this was more visible than ever, and we transformed… our brand image. It was an amazing chance to do it in Amsterdam because we could invite everyone at the astounding Vincent van Gogh Museum, perennial house of a complex and visionary visual genius of painting. We dared unveiling our new fluid, agile, watery logo in the middle of van Gogh’s masterpieces, humbly but aware that this is a very clear signal. We are transforming ourselves, like the customers are, and the market is. Everyone must be able to see a new Objectway coming, and see it immediately.

Our journey is progressing, our business is thriving. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to the success of our second International Customer Conference and all people who participate. See you next year!

From our Journey in Amsterdam

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