Optimizing the Front Office: the Aftermath

Our David Wilson was in London to present the new Objectway solution Digital Wealth Management during the ComPeer event Optimizing the Front Office and we didn’t miss the chance to ask him a couple of questions after the show (he had written something worth a read before all of this, also). See and read his answers!

Optimizing the Front Office: a Quick Q&A With David Wilson

The Desk: From your standpoint, is the wealth management industry “getting the signs on the wall” and complessively accelerating the digital transformation, or there are still naysayers or too-late-adopters risking a painful disruption?

David Wilson: I think, in this audience today there are a lot of late adopters and in their minds they are not ready for it yet but, as I said earlier, their clients will bring them in that direction. As we can see in the last two years, their clients are being mostly the drivers of delivering digital experience. So what think will happen? Well, there is certainly a huge amount of late adopters in this industry that are being driven to digitalization.

Anything you want to point out about the new Digital Wealth Management solution from Objectway, in regard to today’s event?

I think we had a great reaction from some people, I think we had a luke warm from the old type of investor.

If I was doing this again, I would be more… I wanna show them something from real life as an example appearing in the screen and I think that would shake them from a kind of complacency that we found today.

What could be the next step, after a full hybrid customer journey is implemented in the Objectway product offering?

I think, a Digital Personal Assistant. We are delivering now what’s ready for a package, but in the future, three, four, five years from now, a Personal Assistant together with behavioural analytics thanks to big data. To drive that personal assistant to help the advisor, to help the client. That is hopefully out there, ready to happen.

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