Open Source and E-signature at #osd2015

iPad and pen on glass table

We appreciate open source and were glad to participate in the Milan edition of Open Source Day 2015, on November 3rd, at the Convention Center of Assago. In addition to our Objectway stand Vittorio Teglia, our Chief Product Architect, gave a presentation on e-signature technology.

Vittorio did a great job of explaining how Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite helps us to offer a really advanced e-signature service that is user-friendly, secure, and effective. (Speaking of e-signature, you should really have a look at our post about the basics of encryption.)

Our e-signature systems indeed allows us to provide to 1.5k advisors and 500,000 clients a simple yet powerful architecture that enable multiple signing of the same document in different time and places by multiple users, independent from the devices used during the signing process.

Vittorio explained the signature process in detail, cleverly guiding the audience through our complex process flowcharts, delivering a true comprehension of the inner working of our e-signature mechanism.

e-signature flowchart
Making sense of a complex flowchart to provide the client with an easy user experience.

BPM Suite was also covered, of course: its characteristics (speed of development, continuous improvement, monitoring, integration…) show both why we decided to adopt it and how we could successfully integrate it in our existing architecture.

Attending Open Source Day 2015 was a great experience, which we will remember fondly for the many people we met who appreciate open source and especially the possibilities of networking within the Red Hat community.

We look forward to the next edition. Thank you all!

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