MASS CUSTOMISATION: A history of time savings

A few weeks ago we released the latest version of our Mass Customisation solution. We designed it with many goals in mind; one of them being to free up time for the advisor.

Those in the world of asset management know that for financial consultants, there is the so-called rule-of-five: the necessity to engage with five clients a day, five days a week.

Mass customisation means more free time

It is a demanding pace to be sustained, increasingly hindered by external factors such as customers’ increasing demands regarding modes of contact, growing competition, decreasing margins, increasingly complex regulations to manage and so on.

Something can be done: automation. Mass customisation is the ability to create personalised proposals ready to go on the consultant’s desk within a few minutes. A few seconds for a simple proposal a little longer if there are significant constraints that need to be considered.

Mass customisation means that automatic triumphs over manual.

This is just the beginning, and it’s a good start. Manually, it’s difficult to prepare a good proposal in a short time. Shall we say twenty minutes? Forty? Everyone has their own methods, but there is already a substantial time-saving to be had by everyone.

A prepackaged and personalised proposal is one of the promises Mass Customisation. But what about the quality? And the customisation of the proposal to the changing needs of the customer? That is another story to be revealed shortly.

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