Making Onboarding Flexible and Generating (More) Revenue

Onboarding is the first step of a worthy relationship with clients, yet it’s still a complex and scarcely integrated process for many firms: there’s still paperwork made by hand, CRM is often unaware of what is happening, sometimes information doesn’t flow well through departments, and much more.

This is the reason we are working hard to bring another kind of onboarding: flexible, fast, integrated, as error-free as possible, fully compliant with regulations and designed to improve client experience through every channel, while enhancing the productivity for the advisor.

Onboarding for Securities

This was the core of David Wilson’s speech, Flexible Onboarding Is the Fastest Way to Revenue, delivered at RBS London last week during the Securities Industry Conference.

Curious about what our Business Development Director said? We have a bunch of pretty informative tweets to share, here below. Our goal is an onboarding that is easy and personal.

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