Loving Acceleration, Living Transition, Lavishing Excellence

As a company that strives for excellence in a time of digital transformation, we sensed that participating to the latest Synpulse Forum in London was a good idea. And we did it: our Chief Client Solution Officer, Alberto Cuccu, was among the forum panelists.

Second UK Wealth Management senior executive forum, organized by Synpulse in collaboration with the Wealth Management Association (WMA), Accelerating the Digital Transition to Operational Excellence kept faithful to its title and was a marvelous occasion to bring clarity on the subject (plus, illustrate the Objectway approach).

Digital transformation is a considerable effort and investment and, inside the gorgeous Barber-Surgeon’s Hall in London, we were able to give a contribution to the debate and show how our portfolio of solutions and technologies allows our client to strive for excellence while conserving the flexibility to react to market changes.

Alberto gave a video interview about the Forum’s topics and we feel this is the best way to fully understand our commitment to excellence regarding the ongoing digital transformation in the Wealth Management market.

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