A Lovely, Intense, and Interesting Winter Breakfast Briefing

Breakfast Briefing approaching winter in Johannesburg

As odd as it may seem, we approached winter in a morning of mid-June. In the lovely Johannesburg, where a Breakfast Briefing took place under the title Wealth Management in the Digital Era – Bridging the gap between robo & human advice.

Our guest speaker, Andrew Wilson, Partner Financial Services Technology at PwC, shared his experience on the transformation towards digital client offerings, and talked about the requirements for setting up and shaping digital. Andrew ended his speech (Transformation towards digital client offering in the context of a large enterprise) with the involvements of going digital and what are the lessons learned in the context of a large enterprise.

Objectway Sales Director David Wilson immediately followed Andrew, with a speech titled Leveraging a Digital Wealth Management platform to improve advisor-client relationship, that showed the how and the must of an effective digital engagement strategy for wealth management firms.

And then there was coffee, and precious networking, and then even more coffee. It was a great morning, energetic and full of insight. The Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel was an excellent location, too.

This Breakfast Briefing was really worth to follow. We can give a glimpse of what David Wilson said during his speech, just below. Hoping to see you (maybe again) at the next one!

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