James Brown: It’s More About Communication (and Technology), than Money

Communication - Compose Your Own Solution at OWIN18

Attendees to our third International Customer Conference (OWIN18) had the chance to hear great answers to many questions about the current and future state of wealth management technology. We asked an extra question to James Brown, Head of Client Services at Compeer:

More quality of service, less cost to income: it’s the Holy Grail of wealth management! What’s the most overlooked element for financial firms to really complete such a quest?

We really recommend to listen James’ answer in the video below, because it sheds some unexpected light on the approach that financial institutions should have in these times of rapidly evolving technology, if they really want win (and keep) the customer. Money is necessary, technology is a must; but communication has a special role today.

(Wnat to know more about OWIN18? We wrote a tale of the whole day and asked video questions to several top-tier players and influencers, like Darragh Lennon, Spiros Margaris (we liked him and asked another question), Julien Bernard, and Thomas Zink).

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