The integrated front-to-back digital investment solution

ILLUMAS 1.1 is the best in class solution designed to answer to the new challenges and increasing complexity currently facing the Private Wealth Management Industry. With the new version of Illumas we allow our customers to make substantial improvements in operation processes and efficiencies, while providing a certified and fast information flow throughout the key front, middle and back office functions enabling their Digital Transformation.

The new version of Illumas provides seamless real time flow of information between the different components, it enables all stakeholders (clients, advisors, portfolio managers, operations) to run their business and digitally collaborate with the others downsizing the increasing complexity of the industry.

The best-in-class components

The new integrated platform consists of the following best-in-class components:

  • Illumas Digital Experience – Based on a customised version of Conectus
  • Illumas Portfolio Manager – Based on a customised version of eXimius
  • Illumas CRM – Based on a customised version of Client Engage
  • Illumas Investment Operations – New version that sunsets and replaces rhymeSIGHT
  • Illumas Business Reporting – New Investment Analytics Dashboard
  • Illumas Expat Platform – New Digital Platform to Expat IFAs

Illumas Digital Experience
enables you to create a cohesive and functionally rich user experience for clients, agents or advisors.

Illumas Portfolio Manager is the core of every financial service, providing best in class Portfolio Management features: Portfolio Analysis, Risk & Compliance, Benchmark & Attribution, Modelling & Rebalancing, Order Management (OMS), Portfolio Monitoring and Alerting.

Built using the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, Illumas Digital CRM guides the on-boarding process from prospect to new client.

Illumas Investment Operations is the comprehensive, fully integrated, seamless accounting and administration system supporting middle and back-office investments operations. Illumas Investment Operations includes a set of new navigation and user experience features such as: Simultaneous and Multiple Application Access, ‘My Favorites’ Functionality & Hot Key Feature.

Illumas Business Reporting is a powerful tool for interrogating your operational data, without the need for an external data warehouse.

Ilumas Expat Platform
is designed for offshore investments administration firms that want to provide a digital platform to Expat IFAs, to onboard a new client and manage new business applications on a diverse range of offshore services (trading account, DFM, offshore bonds, units, policies) with a paperless digital process.

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