In South Africa You Can Choose Between Pressure and Opportunities

Pressure and Opportunities in the South African Wealth Management Market

Pressure: this is what the South African Wealth Management market is feeling at the moment, due to a trove of new regulations the SA government is putting out

Opportunities: this is the side effect of institutional pressure. Clients are really interested in finding partners and solutions that can help them cope with the regulations and maintain (and even better, improve) their profitability whilst keeping growth and containing (even better, cutting) costs.

A Pressure-Relieving Breakfast Briefing

Objectway is happy to help here, with a strong partner: MCI, a South African leading provider of software solutions to medium and large sized corporations, with whom we established a partnership last March. We also hosted a Breakfast Briefing with them, to present solutions and strategies for the growth of South African Market.

In the following video Greg Bernard, Solution Specialist for MCI, explains the state of the market, pressures and opportunities included. Enjoy!


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