A Hard Question Time at Screen Markets 2017

Amsterdam Atrium - Screen Markets 2017

Some venues are more proving than others and the Amsterdam Atrium is definitely a proving place: every event that takes place there gets a bonus aura. Something special is going on, at the Atrium.

We sent our Business Development Director Jos Martens to carry the torch, with his Wealth Management in the Digital Era speech.

Screen Markets is a special event also, and with more than a cause: it was its 25th edition and the fil rouge for 2017 was this one:

Is your firm ready for the financial markets requirements of 2025?

A tough pass, isn’t it? But Jos was up to the task. As always.

These are the tweets we published during his speech. They tell what we think Wealth Management is going to become and yes, we are building for today, while thinking of 2025. And beyond.

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