How eXimius Became 5.8.1: Improve the Product, Listen to the Client, Go Further

We started working to eXimius 5.8.1 with two key goals in mind: to create a new module for the proposal generation and make significant improvements to the User Interface (UI), in terms of new application for professionals and end-clients.

Regulation and digital transformation as drivers for change

Advisory services have been handled in eXimius for a long time, but managing digital proposals were identified as a key requirement. At the same time, eXimius clients had a number of business needs in the area of generating regulatory compliant proposals.

The new proposal generation module allows users to have a one-click proposal initiation on existing client portfolios. The proposal contains prepopulated orders and instant compliance rule validation to avoid any breach on client or company policy. The distribution of the proposal is primarily targeted towards investors via digital channel. The shift from paper to online generates efficiency removing the double data keying and allowing for instant follow up and monitoring of all pending proposals.

UI Technology as enabler for API driven experiences

The second goal (User Interface) has been on the roadmap for a few years and with 5.8.1 a first production version of both the PRO (professionals) and LITE (end clients) applications are now ready. The LITE application is a full replacement of the client connect portal, whilst the PRO version is a first iteration.

Moreover, the next generation of eXimius is becoming a full API driven application which allows for wider use of the platform by external applications within the architecture of our clients.

Agile approach allows to adapt for changed needs

Product development began on July 2018, with completion scheduled for the end of the year. However, during the release cycle, a new goal was identified as a result of the feedback on the MiFID II capabilities from a previous release: Itemised cost exposure, which is the ability to breakdown a monthly or position cost into its various constituents and consequently further features were developed.

The itemised cost is now available in the user interface and each cost can be classified into configurable categories, groups, and types. This covers a request from European regulations for cost transparency.

Now eXimius 5.8.1. is even more usable, complete, and effective for managing portfolios.

eXimius Never Sleeps

We’re proud of this 5.8.1 release and are already working towards 5.9.  The latest UI technology that we used to replace the old Client Connect module will be brought to the whole of the product.

To develop the right solution, it is essential to listen to the client’s requests and understand their needs.


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