How Digital Experience Can Fit Your Brand

Digital Experience: Computers over a desk

Identity in an Overcrowded Digital World

Objectway develops software platforms and solutions for a large financial service companies. Each company own his own needs and brand identity, and aims to be recognized as unique by its end clients.

The majority of them want to customize our white label software, and need to integrate it into an existing ecosystem of websites and IT services. But how a standard product can fit the client’s corporate image?

Strong Principles, Flexible Processes

Product Design and Engineering are strictly related in the IT industry. Objectway Digital Experience Team is involved on defining the user experience of the products: user research, information architecture, user interface design and front-end implementation.

The Team’s main challenge is to build a maintainable software platform, following consistent design patterns and guidelines, flexible enough to allow extension and innovation: to achieve this goal UX designers and UI developers have harmonized their work process, in order to grow our products in a sustainable way.

The Art of Engineering, the Rules of Creativity

We design and build our user interfaces with modularity, scalability, and configurability in mind.

Design components are consistent, sharing design principles and style, but also sharing implementation patterns and methods: the deliverable is a modular UI system, easily adaptable via configuration changes and an automated build process.

For example, customizing a font family or a colour palette, keeping it consistent and meaningful, is really a smart task. To customize whole application look and feel and components behaviour is part of our daily work: it’s not an overwhelming issue but a standard process.

We apply this approach at the engineering of responsive web applications and native mobile apps, for smartphones, tablets and wearables, to provide a rich but consistent software ecosystem.

All built with tailored identity.

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