Digital Engagement and Collaboration: Hype, Reality, and Future

Petere Schramme at Affluent and Private Banking Summit by Efma in Vienna

Last September 15th, the Affluent and Private Banking Summit organized by Efma took place at Le Méridien hotel in Vienna, and we were there thanks to Peter Schramme, our Chief of Business Development.

Peter gave a brilliant speech, giving a sneak preview of the EFMA survey 2016 results and evaluating the state of the advisory world in the digital and hyperconnected age. We show you below the most remarkable tweets of the day, and we’ll soon come back with a video about Peter answering some question just after the event. We want also to give you the takeaways left by Peter at the end of is speech and, last but not least, remember you have still time to compile the Efma survey, until September 30th! Don’t miss the chance.

Digital Engagement and Collaboration: Peter’s Takeaways

  • Strategic commitment on digital engagement and collaboration
  • Evolution from a reactive to a proactive approach: interaction is the key
  • Analytics: from static data capture to main clients’ life events extraction
  • Social media: shortly becoming the key for clients’ understanding and interaction to offer the solutions they need
  • On line investment management: from zero to a complimentary offering
  • Hybrid Advisory: the long term sweet spot in the next future
  • Digital interaction: not a fully real-time and consistent experience yet
  • Security: a potential concern if not accompanied with robust technology

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