Creating Digital Alpha: Technology Is Here, Embrace It!

Creating a Digital Alpha: Technology Is Here, Embrace It!

We recently heard Alberto Cuccu, CEO of Objectway Ltd, on stage at the Global WealthTech Summit in London, talking about creating digital alpha: reaching excellence in modern Fintech, when you must rely on digital technology.

Digital Alpha Is a Sum of Excellences

Alberto’s speech highlighted that The Digital Alpha is the sum of Intelligent investment strategies, Performing front office, High-touch investment service, and Digital interaction.

Creating a Digital Alpha in the wealth management business means becoming very scalable and able to welcome new customer behaviors, thanks to hybrid models.

Augmented intelligence, Human Governance

The End-to-End Digital Advisory solution, part of our Objectway Wealthtech Suite is meant to be an empowering solution for all Wealth management players: firms which need to reduce costs and improve services, advisors looking to better serve more clients in less time, and finally the clients who benefit from more customisation and fitted digital experiences while getting the best service and investment returns.

Technology Is Here, Embrace It!

This is our concept of augmented intelligence: make machines and software work to give benefits to humans. Listening to Alberto through the tweets about his speech.

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