Digital Wealth Management

During the second Objectway International Customer Conference in Amsterdam, I showed to our guests and customers our Hybrid Advisor platform.

I’m proud of letting you know that we created a new digital experience which provides your clients with a disruptive Hybrid Advisory solution including goal-based analysis and investment planning.

The use of these online investment tools and service offerings will change wealth managers’ business models. According to 71% of the respondents (Objectway-Efma Survey), the hybrid advisory model will represent the winning approach for investment servicing. There is no ‘prototype client’ that deserves a totally automated or face-to-face contact: some clients prefer to be approached online whilst others prefer a personal, face-to-face engagement.

Between these two extremes, financial institutions need to be able to support a wide variety of approaches. This need could be satisfied by a hybrid approach that complements human interaction with some digital capabilities. Investors can start online in a self-service model and then request help from an advisor, typically for more complex or strategic investment decisions, via the digital channel they prefer – asynchronously or in real time via safe chat, video, co-browsing tools etc.

Investors are at the centre of the new digital workplace.

Just few words on what we built for customers (investor experience) and advisors (advisor experience). A customer can create his goals, to make what-if simulations and to monitor how goals are evolving. Everything by himself.

But any customer can ask advisor support at any stage of the process. And so, just as example, the customer can create his own goal but ask to an advisor to support the creation of the investment proposal. And, in any case, the bank, in a proactive way, will monitor goals both from suitability and goal characteristics point of view.

As already explained in our Customer Conference with CheBanca! we can say we achieved what we were looking for. To allow clients to invest with a very minimum threshold, pure on-line process in a self or assisted mode, constant portfolio rebalancing and monitoring. I just underline the availability for prospects, and so no CheBanca! clients can try the system for free!

We are very pleased with the result that has been achieved by this experience, we are actively working to make it even nicer. We have a very exiting roadmap… Stay tuned for all latest updates.

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