Compeer Clients’ View Conference 2017: We Went… To Stay

Couldn’t miss the traditional Compeer Conference, especially if held in the sumptuous Fishmongers’ Hall in London! Compeer was going to announce the results of the usual client survey: one thousand investors, ranging from mass affluent to high net worth, interviewed to hear from them about the state of the Wealth Management nation.

Should I stay or should I go?, asked Compeer. The answers were interesting and insightful: the way to stay in business in a healthy manner, we could summarize, is to go ahead with digital and Information Technology.

Improving While Reducing at Compeer

Peter Schramme, Chief Business Development Officer, was the voice of Objectway in the Hall, and gave a speech with the title Squaring the circle – Improving the Quality of service and Cost-to-Income ratio. (Because, yes, it can be done).

Want to know more? We storified the tweet report of Peter’s speech, here below. Do not forget to read his final takeaways!

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