Collaboration Is What We Really Aim for, not Only Integration


We are glad and proud for having implemented WebRTC in our Conectus product.

This move brings several benefits either to our customers, financial institutions, and to their customers, final users. This is just one paragraph from our post about WebRTC (I recommend to read the whole article, though):

Thanks to WebRTC, clients and advisors can stay in touch and exchange messages or have a live conversation whenever they need, without any overhead to set up calls. Clients do not have to cope with technology or install separate plugins or grant permissions each time they need to talk to their advisors from a different device.

This may sounds like a good achievement to have completed, but it’s merely a starting point for us. Because our actual goals are complete integration and allowing both the advisor and the customer to use just one platform for everything they need, in a secure and friendly way.

The Word Is Collaboration

Being able to communicate directly from a browser or an app, in a device-independent manner, is a good thing. But not enough! We want more, and we are at work on the implementation of an experience sharing capability that will allow to the advisor and the customer to access the same virtual space inside the application, and collaborate. Collaboration on documents, videos, other media will be available to customers the way the advisor will instruct the application to do; the advisor will be able to drive the conversation with the customer, show the most fitting documents to give the best advice, and maintain a truly close relationship even when the personal connection can only happen in the virtual space.

And that’s the beginning. The next development step will be allowing sharing of screenshots from the tool itself, bringing the sharing level one step above the documents, to the application level. The good news is that, once he has configured the tool, the advisor won’t have to worry about what is appropriate to show to the customer and what’s not; the application will automatically apply constraints and rules, so removing any risk of showing internal, confidential or otherwise not adequate information to the customer.

Here to Help

Many advisors fear being disintermediated as a consequence of the current digitalization that’s happening in the Fintech world. We think differently at Objectway, we believe that a great opportunity exist for savvy financial institutions: always being able to reach the customer in the fastest and friendly way without sacrificing the benefits of a personal relationship with the customer. A customer that is accustomed to use very personal communication platforms, search for information on the Internet, pose questions and expect an insightful answer immediately or so. Technology is here to enable maximum collaboration and help establish and maintain a richer relationship with the customer, at a level that was impossible in the past, when the only alternative to a physical meeting was a phone call.

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