Collaboration Beyond the Two-Way Relationship Advisor/Customer

We were talking some week ago about the implementation of WebRTC in our Conectus product.

The article went describing how we’re aiming to implement full collaboration features, considering integration just a starting point rather than a goal:

We want more, and we are at work on the implementation of an experience sharing capability that will allow to the advisor and the customer to access the same sharing space inside the application, and collaborate.

Enabling Collaboration With External Expertise

This is basically our 2016 schedule. We nurture longer-term goals, though. Collaboration, as we described it now, could be seen as a two-way relationship between advisor and customer, while we are a little more ambitious: we want to enable teamwork processes, where the advisor can choose to add more players to the sharing seen above.

As an example, let’s pretend that a customer is discussing with the advisor her investments strategy, and suddenly a very complicated or unclear fiscal issue arises. Or, the head of the family decides that time has come to have a succession plan, and needs to discuss the matter with relatives living abroad. We want the advisor to be able to bring to the digital workplace the relatives—and someone highly specialized in succession plans or fiscal matters. All of this without compromising security and privacy, of course.

The Advisor Becomes a Facilitator

The future of wealth management – coming sooner than many think – asks organizations to move towards a 360° consultancy attitude, that embraces the whole lifecycle of the customer and builds advice by looking at needs and aspirations, more than assembling and selling pre-packaged investment “solutions” that, actually, aren’t.

These are good news for advisors, indeed. The digital disruption becomes no longer a disintermediation threat for the relationship between customer and advisor, but the chance to offer the advisor new tools – like chat, video call, document sharing to build a deeper, informed, all-around relationship, where she acts as a facilitator for every kind of service and product the customer may ever need.

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