Our Work on Client Reporting Recognised by Celent

Client reporting sees increasing interest from wealth firms and managers because it is an important part of the client experience, and cannot be done the old way any longer.

Clients wish clear and readable reports, while firms need to be able to produce them with a high degree of personalization, in big numbers, with help from edge technologies like machine learning, like a part of broader initiatives that attain to a continuous and fluid conversation with the client.

No more cheap data, but valuable information

We are pleased to see Objectway repeatedly and significantly cited in the report Client Reporting: the shift in delivery from low-value data to high-value information from Celent.

The report analyzes how client reporting is changing, what requests are in demand, and which tools and companies are sporting with capabilities able to satisfy the most critical needs.

eXimius and Conectus Bring Innovation and Effectiveness to Modern Client Reporting

We are mentioned ten times across the report, in the categories Client Engagement and Expectations, Regulatory, Data Management and Automation.

The report refers to the client reporting feature available in eXimius Reporting to Clients, eXimius Client Engage, Conectus Investor Portal and Conectus app. Some sample pages of our Client Reporting features are also pictured.

Understanding Ongoing Innovation to Do Client Reporting the Right Way

Good reporting is no longer just printing out numbers every while, and doing it well today means the capability to understand either the demands from clients and firms, and the innovation necessary to deliver a compelling reporting experience for the client.

Client loyalty today is lower than in the past and a valuable experience is a critical asset for firms to retain clients and have them satisfied.

We are proud to effectively help firms and advisors on that, and are committed to build great experiences for clients, that provide not low-quality data, but high-value information for a truly successful wealth and asset management.

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