A Challenging 2018 Awaits. But, We’ve Got a Platform

Challenging Moments

Last November’s IT Forum in Milan was an event relevant essentially for Italy; nonetheless, our Client Solution Director Michele Tanzi took the stage and give directions that are relevant for the whole company in 2018.

A Challenging Environment

As Michele said, this new year will be a very complex period whilst presenting a very interesting opportunity window for advisors and consultants, because of two factors: new regulations and new technology disruptions.

It’s easy to identify the regulatory challenge, since MiFID II is finally starting for real and it generates abundant demands, that not all firms are able to effectively answer to. Every European country has it own set of troubles with MiFID II and the actual needs can be different from nation to nation, but the fact remains that financial institutions have never had to bear another regulatory burden as heavy as this. And then, the second challenge:

We need to innovate processes and supporting technologies, since we can’t overlook the increasing request for Digital Advice, the urgency of offering a better, more effective User Experience. And, at the same time, technology must be able do quickly adapt to regulatory changing requests.

A Challenging Answer

Michele produced a self-explanatory slide about the double challenge that awaits all of us in the Wealth Management sector.

Challenging Sets of Risks

It’s all a matter of challenges. In two categories.

But we have an answer. The last years of intense development and growth allow us to make an equally challenging proposal to our clients: a platform, eXtend, that can answer both regulatory and innovation needs thanks to its compelling capabilities.

eXtend suitability and risk engine are easily customizable and allow the addition of new business rules to satisfy every request from the regulators, internal IT policy or a product of MiFID II. Technology-wise, it features the most modern technology, yet its integration with our clients’ legacy systems is feasible, easy, and taken in account as a mandatory capability.

Last but not least, the platform is strongly scalable, to allow the support of real-time processes; it includes a User Experience built to be effective for everyone and can process massive quantities of information.

Got Challenge?

We’re betting on the success of eXtend as a powerful platform for 2018 and the following years, both on the regulatory and the technology sides. There will be time to show its potential in the coming months. For now: we like to live in challenging times. Just for the record. Happy 2018 to everyone!

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