Blockchain and Stock Exchanges: Bitcoin Is Coming Closer to Your Portfolio

Bitcoin Accepted Here

We just published our primer on Bitcoin and blockchain and, presto!, there’s something new to be told about the blockchain applications for finance: Bitcoin is entering an official stock exchange. Continue reading “Blockchain and Stock Exchanges: Bitcoin Is Coming Closer to Your Portfolio”

La verità sul Business Process Outsourcing

Nel mercato finanziario il Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) è oggetto di dibattito e ancora oggi incontra resistenze a tutti i livelli aziendali; infatti, nel comun pensare, nel BPO si identifica la esternalizzazione di un servizio, solitamente il servizio di Information Technology. L’esternalizzazione viene vista usualmente come una perdita di controllo sui processi e sull’informazione, nonché in una diminuzione della professionalità; in ultima analisi, in una perdita di potere. Continue reading “La verità sul Business Process Outsourcing”

Why Switching to a Design System Is so Important Today

Design is think made visual - Saul Bass

Once upon a time there was a wise man, named Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web. Do you know why? Only to share documents with his collegues. Yeah, the Web started only to share webpages with others, but went so beyond. Continue reading “Why Switching to a Design System Is so Important Today”

What we’ve learned in Cannes

On the 18th June I was at Cannes Lions, the International Festival of Creativity.

I was there to compete for Young Lions in the design category. Although Valeria (my team mate) and I didn’t win, we attended plenty of interesting discussions and sampled new trends in creativity.

Continue reading “What we’ve learned in Cannes”