Roboadvisory: Il futuro del Risparmio

Bella esperienza, il Salone del Risparmio 2016, e fruttuosa collaborazione con CheBanca! nella realizzazione del suo nuovo Yellow Advice, che si basa sui servizi forniti dai nostri Conectus e Advice.

Class ha avvicinato il nostro Michele Tanzi e Antonio Fratta Pasini, responsabile CRM e Omnichannel Banking di CheBanca!, per discutere il tema dei Roboadvisory durante la conferenza.

Einstein, Mountaineering, and Robo-advisory

Universal Gravitation

The coming of digital in the substantially conservative world of wealth management requires either an open-minded attitude and a willingness to think around new concepts that can easily make comprehension and adaptation hard to achieve.

Because of this, dedicated media come out with creative explanations, rich in metaphors and analogies, that can eventually enable a right approach to new technologies and regulations.

Robo-advisory and Universal Gravitation

One of the most interesting posts is entitled Albert Einstein and my Robo-Advisor by Paolo Sironi, thought leader at IBM. Sironi redesigns the gravitational system of wealth management, explaining it with the terminology from the theory of relativity. He paints a vivid image of how robo-advisory is changing the relationships among products, customers, and advisors:

Why is there a need to change the Wealth Management relationship and centre it on clients first? Because clients are the major mass in the Wealth Management universe and should not be neglected in modeling financial relationships!

All of this in a space where the impact of MiFID 2 regulation, finally to start at the beginning of 2018, begins to be felt.

High Terrain Consulting

Nicola Ronchetti from GfK writes (in Italian) on Advisor Online about a sector still being late to comply with MiFID 2 (with exceptions). He gives advice useful in this and other circumstances, inspired to… mountaineering [translated from the original]:

The consultant’s duty is the mountain guide’s main duty: to keep the customer on the right path, safe from crevices and avalanches.

Precious advice especially when the consultant becomes robotic, or hybrid, the latest and more productive trend.

They maybe, but always down-to-earth and based on a solid knowledge of the matter, able to clarify the current evolution of wealth management to everyone. Two recommended readings, even on vacation…

Hybrid Journeys for Family Offices

Annual Family Office event in Luxembourg

Our Peter Schramme was in Luxembourg last June, 30th to give a speech at the Annual Family Offices event that regularly takes place in the Grand Duchy.

Family Offices risk disruption too

Family Offices is a sector of wealth management market that is peculiar and has different needs than more general finance institutions, but nonetheless is prone to the risks of digital disruption and needs to to improve its engagement capabilities.

Objectway has a lot to offer to Family Offices and Peter showed it.

He answered some questions after the event also, whose answers appear in the video.

We included a Storify tale of the moment, too.



A Roboadvisory That Is Human Also

Roboadvisory with a human touch

Another great experience in my life at Objectway: a journalist interviewed me about my opinion on the digital trends and especially roboadvisory. I wasn’t suprised, although I’d prefer she asked me something about EURO 2016 another topic I know much about :-) Continue reading “A Roboadvisory That Is Human Also”

Un roboadvisory che sia anche umano

Roboadvisory with a human touch

Un’altra bella esperienza che ho fatto in Objectway. Una giornalista mi ha intervistato per chiedere la mia opinione su trend digitali e su roboadvisory. La cosa non mi ha sorpreso, anche se avrei voluto mi chiedesse qualcosa anche sugli Europei di calcio su cui sono egualmente molto preparato :-) Continue reading “Un roboadvisory che sia anche umano”

Optimizing the Front Office: the Aftermath

Our David Wilson was in London to present the new Objectway solution Digital Wealth Management during the ComPeer event Optimizing the Front Office and we didn’t miss the chance to ask him a couple of questions after the show (he had written something worth a read before all of this, also). See and read his answers!

Continue reading “Optimizing the Front Office: the Aftermath”